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our history

In December of 1940, Benn E. Broadbent quit his job as manager of Wirthlin’s Market.  At this time, Jay R. Broadbent, Benn’s brother, suggested that they organize a meat company.   Jay would put up the money and Benn would contribute his expertise in the meat business and manage the new company.  Thus, Wasatch Meats was organized and opened for business January 20, 1941 at  45 Richards Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.  After six years of operation the partnership was terminated with Benn buying Jay’s share of the business and thus becoming sole owner and manager.

In 1947 the business expanded to a store on 800 South and West Temple.   After two years of unprofitable business the store was closed.  Benn, together with his brother Tom Broadbent, opened a store at Hygeia Ice Co. in Sugarhouse with Tom as manager.  The store was very profitable and going well for the Broadbent brothers until a tragic accident in the plant caused the death of Tom Broadbent in 1955.  This operation was closed and the business moved to the Richards Street operation.

Wasatch Meats continued to grow with more employees and two major remodeling projects for expansion of buildings taking place on Richards Street.  On December 20, 1971 Benn Broadbent changed the proprietorship to a corporation, Wasatch Meats, Inc., with Benn E. Broadbent, B. Richards Broadbent and Paul H. Rich being the only stockholders, directors and officers of the new corporation.   The business continued to grow and increase in employees and sales.  Then, in 1977, the developers of Crossroads Mall agreed to build a new meat plant in exchange for the properties on Richards Street.  Thus, on November 12, 1978 Wasatch Meats, Inc. moved to the new and present facility at 926 South Jefferson Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.

On January 10, 1980 Benn E. Broadbent sold his shares of stock to Wasatch Meats, Inc. and retired from the management and ownership of the corporation.  From January 1980 until February 2005 the stockholders, directors and officers of the corporation were B. Richards Broadbent, Paul H. Rich, Marilyn M. Broadbent and Celia C. Rich.  In February 2005 Paul Rich retired as Vice President.  The current officers and directors are B. Richards Broadbent, President, Scott C. Rich, Vice President, Mark A. Broadbent, Vice President Sales and Marketing and Marilyn M. Broadbent, Secretary.

In March of 1996, Wasatch Meats completed a major addition to the plant including a new ground beef department, cooler, freezer and offices again bringing it to a "state-of-the-art" operation.

We are a licensed Foodservice Distributor of Certified Angus Beef®.  We offer a broad line of fresh and frozen products, including beef, pork, poultry, and veal in processed and unprocessed forms.  We also offer several cooked, ready-to-eat products.

Our motto is “Only the Best.”  The best in quality of products, in service, in customer relationships, in honesty and integrity with employees, customers, suppliers and business people with whom we deal.

Our goals are to continue growing and achieving success in the business, change as needed to meet new challenges confronting us in the years ahead and last but not least, to maintain a profitable business to support the employees, meet the financial obligations and have some monies left over for continued growth.

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